Thursday, November 20, 2008

Story of Sadhavi Pragya

When L.K.Advani talked about the brutality and torture of Sadhavi couple of days back referring to the affidavit filed by her lawyer, I searched in vain for the full text of the affidavit which made him to "finally" realize the ordeal she has been going through, although many of us have sensed it long back. Finally I found the full text of Affidavit filed by Sadhavi Pragya's lawyer in court .. here it is:-

Now, if a nun in Orissa says that she was raped, she was not put under narco-test to ascertain the authenticity of her statement, rather her word was taken as a commandment and hunt began look for the culprits.

Now, if India is a secular state, similarly shouldn't the role of Maharashtra ATS be probed and investigated on serious charges made by Sadhavi?

Some excerpts from the affidavit:-
6. I say that in Surat during the course of my interrogation with Mr Sawant, I mentioned to him that the LML Freedom two wheeler once owned by me was subsequently sold to one Sunil Joshi of Madhya Pradesh way back in October, 2004 and that Mr Joshi had paid me Rs 24,000/- for the same. I had also signed the necessary TT Form for RTO transfer in October, 2004 itself. I categorically asserted to Mr Sawant that since October, 2004 I had no control over the vehicle or its movements and usage.
16. I say that as a result of the custodial violence/torture, mental stress, anxiety that were developed in the process, I was subjected to, I developed acute abdominal and kidney pains. I lost my appetite, became nauseous and giddy and prone to having bouts of unconsciousness. In view of this, within few hours after putting in Rajdoot Hospital, I was removed from the ATS office and was taken a hospital which learnt it to be Shusrusha Hospital wherein I was kept in ICU.
27. In the circumstances I now pray for the following relief:
a) that the ATS be directed to submit an explanation for my detention without authority of law between 10.10.2008 and 23.10.2008;
b). that enquiry/investigation be conducted into my accusation made hereinabove on oath, regarding custodial torture/violence and mental and psychological abuse;
c). that such investigation as referred to in (b) above, include a polygraph test, as well as Narco analysis on me to determine the veracity of my accusations;
d). that such investigation to include a polygraph test and narco analysis on officers of the ATS named by me, and also of those officers whose names, I do not know, but I can identify, for they subjecting me to mental and physical abuse during custody as well as others to be identified by me;
e) that a report be called for from the ATS for the reasons of my admission in two hospitals ( Shusrusha an another) and the medical treatment undergone by me at the said two hospitals;
f) The ATS be directed to disclose the reasons for my stay at Hotel Rajdoot at Mumbai.;
g) For such further and other reliefs as may be fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case.